Social Innovators
We aspire to strengthen the capacities of social innovators and help them become catalysts for change. We focus on projects in the ideation phase that creatively address a problem. We strongly believe that innovation is not limited to the use of new technology. For us, a project can be revolutionary for its original approach to problem-solving, or its unique business model regardless of the role played by technology.
Content Creators
Our vision goes beyond just measuring impact in real economic terms. We believe in the power of creative expression that transforms societies. We know that actors in the creative industries need support in developing and sustaining their projects in order to reach their full potential. We also firmly believe that magic can happen when you cross-pollinate projects from different backgrounds; And this is the kind of environment you need to make innovation happen.
Civil Society
Afkar aims to be a catalyst for social change. As such, we seek out actors who not only have the potential for positive impact but who also share our values. That is why supporting innovators in civil society is a crucial pillar of our approach to incubation. We aim to support these actors to make their efforts more sustainable, through the development of income-generating activities, and sustainable fundraising strategies.


Our vision of Incubation
We consider the incubation as a privilege that allows you to take time to think about your project from an articulated approach with the proper resources. It is a support program that provides multiple means of testing hypotheses and bringing the action plan to real life. Our incubation program’s objective is to prepare the entrepreneurs for launching their projects on solid grounds. By the end of the program, the entrepreneurs would have developed their proof of concept while some would have developed their prototypes, and others would have even managed to acquire their first customer. The entrepreneurs’ projects will eventually be ready to take part in an acceleration program adapted to their needs.
Our Outputs
Being part of Afkar Incubator’s journey requires taking time to think about one’s project from a structured approach while being accompanied by professionals. During these six months, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of collaborative intelligence, friendly environment, and a variety of experiences.
you will mainly be working on:
– Formulating your value proposition
– Experimenting, testing, and validating your hypotheses
– Constructing your Business Plan
– Developing a Proof of Concept and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
– Developing your brand and increasing your notoriety
Our Approach
Afkar Incubator is a free six-month program that is based in Tunis where the involvement of the incubated entrepreneurs varies upon the phases. It is essential to show up to Afkar Incubator’s workstation in the first and last weeks of the program. The entrepreneur must be able to devote around twenty hours per week to our program activities.


Ahmed Dridi


PROSERVY is a mulit-services company for businesses. It provides Accounting, Administrative, Logistics, Cleaning and Maintenance solutions for enterprises.
Chams Ben Azzedine


JTKids is a series of technological meccano-kits for children ensuring a creative experience and fun learning.
Malek Ben Romdhane


ODIOFIL is a platform that offers a variety of audio content, ranging from radio podcasts to audiobooks.
Mohamed Osman Kilani


JAM is a matchmacking application for artists and creative space booking.
Amine Jelassi


IDARA is an online guide that facilitates access to administrative procedures in Tunisia.
Emna Arfaoui


VOCAPASSION is a support method to release one’s creativity through writing and hypnosis.
Moez Douss


CAR-HABTEK is the digital solution to track the maintenance of your car.
Tejeddine Mta’Allah

OffBeat Media

OFFBEAT MEDIA is an advertising agency that offers free ecological consumables for restaurants, bakeries and cafes in exchange for an advertising message.
Aymen Mhiri


TROKKINY is a barter application for exchanging yesterday’s useless objects for tomorrow’s essentials.
Farah Beji


AUTI is a medical-educational institute for the multidisciplinary care of children with different levels of Autism and their integration in school life.
Moez Ousji


KLAY is an intelligent and interactive boxing machine.
Zakaria Mekni


SHADOC is a secure electronic signature and an accredited document management solution in Tunisia.
Aziza Gorgi

Surface Collective

SURFACE COLLECTIVE is a social and collaborative design studio that focuses on the history of Tunisian products and manufacturing processes.
Lilia Bouricha


FITOLIFT innovates interior spaces with practical and intelligent furniture.
Mohamed Ben Youssef


WASHY is a chain of eco-responsible mobile washing stations.
Donia Gribâa


FundEat is a platform that supports restaurant owners to have a positive social impact by choosing and following up with associative projects.


A 4-phases recruitment process to select the right candidates :


    • The first phase is the online application in which the applicants will answer questions about themselves, their project idea, and their co-founders. The applications are open from March 16th to April 13th.


    • After reviewing the online applications, we will contact the selected applicants for the second phase, selected candidates will be invited to a short pitch on May 4th.


    • After reviewing the pitches, we will contact the selected applicants for The third phase which is a one-to-one session that will be scheduled during the second week of May. The candidate will meet the Afkar team for a short interview at the incubator’s workplace in order to better present her/his project


    • The last phase is the Bootcamp; it is a 3 days assessment that will take place in our incubator’s workplace from May 18th to 20th. This series of workshops and assignments will all be the end of the selection process and will include the launching and graduation party of the second cohort on May 19th.


    • After the Bootcamp, the Final list will be announced on May 21st; And the second cohort will officially start on May 25th.

Application open date

16 March 2020

Application closing date

13 April 2020

Pitch day

4 May 2020

One to One

11 May 2020


18 May 2020

Announcement of the final cohort list

21 May 2020

Cohort Start

25 May 2020


Houssem Aoudi

Founder & CEO

Houssem, founder and CEO of Wasabi and Afkar, is an experienced manager of media, social, and cultural projects, particularly those dedicated to promoting the free exchange of ideas. Houssem is also co-founder of Cogite Coworking Space, the first coworking space in Tunisia, a Stanford University fellow, and curator of TEDxCarthage, the biggest TEDx event in Tunisia.
Adel Beznine

Coach in Residence

Adel is resident coach at Afkar. He is a sociologist and worked in various Tunisian and international private companies before creating “CREDO”, a consultancy firm, “BOOST”, the first equity-based accelerator in the Maghreb region, and “DOORA”, a bike sharing operator. Adel is also a coach and mentor in several entrepreneurial and employability initiatives, an entrepreneurship teacher, a consultant for the world bank and co-founder of “Tunisian Startups.”
Seifeddine Boukthir

Project Manager

Before joining Afkar, Seif served as an associate in a business mentorship program “Micromentor” focusing on the training programs and mentorship events implemented mainly in Tunisia and Lebanon; He also worked with the USAID and Danish Refugee Council/Danish Demining Group developing training and events programs.
Kevin Coyne


Kevin, COO of Wasabi, specializes in non-profit project implementation and evaluation. Kevin has a degree in international affairs from the George Washington University in Washington D.C. and has been based in Tunisia since 2013.
Mayssa Mrabet

Incubation Director

Graduated from the School of Arts and Multimedia, she was project manager then consultant in ergonomics and e-commerce on web & mobile projects for French companies for ten years. Mayssa managed also an offshore digital startup for two years before joining the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia where she was in charge of the pre-investment process at Yunus Social Business Tunisia.
Amine Lamine

Entrepreneur and creativity coach in residence

After spending several years as an Artistic Director and having always wanted to animate the creative entrepreneurial scene by organizing meetups such as “Behance Reviews” and After Creatif, Amine Lamine joined Afkar as a Resident Entrepreneur and creativity coach. He is in charge of the creative and communication guidance for Afkar incubates.
Walid Hached


Before joining Afkar, Walid was serving for more than two years as COO of Cogite Coworking Space, the first and the biggest coworking space in Tunisia. He has a background in finance, which he developed both in Tunisia and abroad working at institutions such as the National Bank of Canada and Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec. He co-founded Linxae, an IT startup specialising in point of sales solutions.
Soufiene Chahbani

Project Manager

Soufiene, Project Manager at Afkar, is also a Microsoft Technology Associate, team member of TEDxCarthage and the organizer of TEDxDjerba. Soufiene received his Bachelor of Computer Science from FST Manar, and he is currently preparing his thesis to receive a master’s degree in Computer Research.
Jihene Glenza

Project Assistant

Jihene is an intern at Afkar and an ACST leadership scholarship alumna. She has an International Baccalaureate diploma from the American Cooperative School of Tunis. She also works as a translator and a student affairs manager at UWC Tunisia.
Ons Hamza

Financial Manager

Ons Hamza is Financial Manager at Afkar where her experience with process management and financial planning are brought together to assure a long-term sustainable growth strategy for the project. Ons has received her bachelor degree in Business Administration from Tunis Business School in June 2018 with honors. She has also worked as a financial planning and Quality Specialist at Cogite coworking space, the first coworking space in Tunisia.
Lucas Lasserre

Project Manager

Lucas joined the Afkar team after a year spent in the Moroccan incubator Bidaya. He is in charge of writing Afkar’s incubation guide, creating support tools and setting up the incubation process for the second cohort.


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Our story

Launched in 2015, Afkar is an initiative dedicated to catalyzing individuals with great ideas for social change. Since that time, we have tested out different formats adapted to the needs of change makers at all levels of society.


Some may know Afkar for it’s high-level conclaves for diverse groups of decision makers. These day-long round table discussions bring together leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector to tackle a specific problem that can only be solved through high level collaboration. Others may know Afkar for its Fellows program dedicated to supporting innovative leaders in creativity and freedom of expression. These cohorts of 15 leaders from across North Africa take part in a unique year of retreats, capacity development, and individualized support. And others still have know Afkar for its video series and talks program that puts the spotlight on a specific agent of change and lets the public hear what they have to say.


Afkar Incubator is the latest in this family of programs aimed to support new leaders of social change. This time, our targets are the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial-minded who will be leading the change of tomorrow.